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by Appointment ONLY

Initial Quote

Once you have provided me with your proposed tattoo design, size and location, I will provide a quote, estimating the cost of the tattoo.  This amount may change based on modifications to the size, location on the body and/or design of the tattoo.  I have a $150 minimum for all tattoos.

Non-Refundable Initial Payment(s)

I require an initial non-refundable $50 payment which is in addition to the cost of the tattoo.  The $50 initial fee may not be used toward any tip/gratuity.  The $50 payment reserves your date and time and pays for your custom drawing.  

If you need to change your appointment once it has been booked, please contact me as soon as possible.  Your $50 fee allows you to reschedule once to another date as long as you reschedule at the same time you cancel the initial appointment.  If you do not reschedule at this time, your $50 fee will be forfeited and should you schedule later, another $50 will be required.

I will draw an original design based on your request and I will make one substantive change to the design of the tattoo for the $50 initial fee.  If you request additional design changes, there will be an additional fee of at least $10.  

Large pieces, quoted at $500 or more will require a $100 non-refundable deposit in addition to and at the same time the $50 payment is due. This $100 will be credited toward the cost of the tattoo.  Because I block out considerable time for larger and more complex pieces, if you cancel less than 10 days prior to your appointment, this $100 deposit will not be returned.  Thank you for understanding and respecting my time and craft.

I will send you an image of your tattoo design one or two days prior to your appointment.  If you require any changes, please contact me immediately so that I can make adjustments.  An additional amount will be charged for any changes to your design requested on the day of your appointment.

The $50 initial fee (and if required the $100 deposit) must be paid within 48 hours of booking or your date and time will be given away.

I also provide one free touch-up for your tattoo.  This touch up offer does not expire.

Payment Information

When sending the $50 payment (or any additional amounts owed) prior to your tattoo I prefer Venmo or Zelle.

Venmo - @zarawallis
Please include your name and the date of your appointment in the “message” part of your payment.

Zelle- message me if you’d like to use this option 


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