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7466 Beverly Blvd , Suite 101, Los Angeles, CA 90036

The Tattoo Shop you've been looking for...

Welcome to Opal Tattoo Studio. My name is Zara and Opal Tattoo Studio is my shop and home away form home. Feel free to explore our site. We believe tattoos are for everyone and every body. I have awesome artists working with me to create the tattoos you may be looking for. We have most of our work on Instagram so don’t forget to follow and like our tattoos. Check out @opaltattoostudio to find all of our artists work and connect.


Reviews from clients!

“Very kind and personable even though it was a quick tattoo! Makes sure you’re comfortable and is light handed! Second one coming March 2020 and super excited. Once you have her tattoo you, you won’t be able to not get more from her.”

-Cierra, March 2019

“I had an amazing experience both times I was tattooed by Opal! Her energy is very welcoming and allowed me to relax immediately upon meeting her. She does such amazing fine line work!! And also put so much detail and care into each one of her designs. And I loved how she gave multiple versions of the designs for me to choose from, all while each held the components that I wanted initially.
   Both tattoos look and feel amazing and I’m so proud I’m able to show off her work to the world. Can’t wait to be inked by her in the future!”

-Troi, 2019

“The overall experience and tattoos left us wanting more! We will definitely be coming back for more tattoos with you! Thank you so much for making something so beautiful and meaningful permanent on my body!”
-Savannah, 2019

“I have been coming to see Zara (Opal tattoo) since March 2018. She has done 5 tattoos on me already! From the minute you walk in she is so welcoming you automatically feel comfortable. I knew she was a keeper. I love her work & I have already referred all my clients to her.”
-Pam, 2018

“I have never worked with an artist who shows as much care and attention to detail as Opal does. She is passionately dedicated to the artwork and to the entire creative process. I always feel comfortable and well taken care of when she tattoos me, and I am always blown away by the final product. It is an honor to be a client of Opal's and I will always come back for more of her work.”
-Danielle, 2019

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