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Zara/ Opal: Owner and Artist (9+ years experience)

Instagram: @opal_tatoo

Pronouns: She/her, they/them


My name is Opal, also known as Zara, born and raised in Los Angeles. I’ve studied art for years in all kinds of mediums and received my Bachelors of Arts degree from Columbia College Chicago in 2014. I picked up a tattoo machine shortly after I graduated and haven’t looked back.

I fell in love with tattooing and creating artwork for people that they can wear forever. I am inspired by everyone’s stories and passions. I opened my own studio so people would have a safe place to get tattooed, tell their stories and enjoy the experience. My shop is open to all and we can’t wait to meet you.
   A little bit about my personal life; I met my husband while in Chicago in 2013 and we were married here in California in May 2017. We had our beautiful daughter, Presley June 2020 and our son Jaxon May 2023. I hope one day my children become interested in the arts like me or make music like my husband.
   I specialize in fine line tattoos with intricate detail, and I’m very interested in getting to know each and every one of my clients. I tattoo people the way I want to be tattooed; quick and good. Believe it or not but I hate the idea that I’m “hurting people”. A personal relationship is important in building trust before, during and after I’ve permanently illustrated your body. I want to make sure everyone is comfortable and ready for the “Opal Tattoo” experience and I encourage clients to ask questions and express themselves. Clients can apply by filling out the inquire form on my website or through Instagram using the link in my bio.



Erin: Resident Artist (5+ years experience)

Instagram: @erin.russell.tattoos

Pronouns: they/them, she/her


Erin has been with Opal Tattoo Studio since the shop opened. Their specialty is illustrative and black work but open to your fun ideas. Erin is a mother of two and a devoted partner. They have a very steady hand, create extremely crisp lines and solid work all around. Erin is great at making every client feel comfortable while creating a fun and safe tattoo experience. They are part of the LGBTQA community and welcomes everyone! Check out her work on Instagram and use the link in her bio to book.



Lex: Resident Artist (1+ year experience) 

Instagram: @tolextinotattoos

Pronouns: She/her

Lex is the newest addition to the Opal Tattoo Studio family. She has been tattooing for a little over a year now. She enjoys tattooing florals, mushrooms and animals. As a newer artist she’s always excited for any new challenge. Her focus is making your tattoo vision come to life while building a core relationship with each client to create the best tattoo experience. Although Lex is still discovering her niche, she enjoys creating fine line tattoos and color work. She is part of the LGBTQA community and welcomes tattoos to everyone. Check out her work on Instagram and use the link in her bio to book. 

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